If liability is recognized: your costs will be reimbursed by the counterparty. If the counterparty, usually an insurer, must compensate your damage, it must also reimburse the reasonable costs of legal assistance. This means that the costs of your legal assistance are paid by the insurer. This is regulated by law. If it is not clear whether someone is liable for your damage, we will clearly tell you what costs must be incurred.

We are independent

We work independently of insurers. Almost all personal injury agencies have agreements with insurers about the reimbursement of their costs. That is the so-called PIV graduated scale. At the beginning of the case they receive an amount and if the case is settled they receive an amount again. If this amount is no longer cost-effective, nothing is earned anymore. Then the agency has an interest in you settling.

You then run the risk of settling for too low an amount. With us you can be sure that we try to obtain maximum compensation. We have no financial interest in the way your case is handled. In case of any query contact us immediately and we will get back to you.